2022 Rising Star Honoree in brand strategy

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In today’s fiercely competitive market for global real estate companies, a successful marketing strategy is crucial. A clear company story and the ability generate engaging content are two of the most important components of a successful marketing strategy.
“Everything we create, campaigns and assets, is designed for localization while keeping the brand’s integrity intact,” stated Katelyn Castellano (senior vice president of marketing Americas at Engel & Volkers). “It is vital to explain the ‘why’ behind our brand guidelines to ensure that the brand continues its growth and strength v.s. “Standing out from the crowd and losing value.”
Castellano was named a 2022 Emerging Leader, which is now part of HousingWire’s Rising Stars award, for her efforts in articulating and solidifying the brand’s value. She created value through strategy, partnerships, and content. This helped to gain industry and customer recognition to support the expanding network of real estate professionals across America.
HousingWire reached Castellano to find out more about her career path and what her marketing team are doing to help Engel & Volkers.
HousingWire: What moments and experiences have you had that prepared you for the current housing market?
Katelyn Castellano: My people. Engel & Volkers’ top professionals are examples of people who faced adversity head-on. Respect for license partners and advisors is what drives my personal drive — our team is part their team. You show up, especially in times of uncertainty and when someone is most in need. As a brand, that’s what we do. This is Engel & Volkers’ way.
HW: It is very competitive in the world of realty, especially in the luxury space. What was your most successful strategy in establishing Engel & Volkers and gaining market share for the brand?
KC: Engel & Volkers strengthens the brands and associations of those who are aligned with it. All of our campaigns and assets are created to be localized, while maintaining the brand’s integrity. It is vital to explain the “why” behind our brand guidelines to ensure that a brand continues its growth and strength, rather than shrinking in value. Engel & Volkers advisors are true Engel & Volkers ambassadors. They understand the brand’s value and hold each other accountable.
HW: Engel & Volkers is a brand that listens. What are you hearing right now from clients and/or agents? How can this inform your brand strategy.
KC: Our advisors want to be efficient from a marketing perspective and get more content, marketing assets, and education to help differentiate and rise in their market. While our core 2023 initiatives remain the same, the types of content we create and the education we provide have changed based on market trends.
HW: What do you feel most excited about for 2023?
KC: We launch our global brand refinement and a new digital experience. These are game-changers both for us and our network.