Brokerage firm eXp expands their board of directors

Anywhere Real Estate decided to expand its board last Wednesday. Now, eXp World Holdings also plans to increase its board of directors. Monday’s announcement by the firm was that Peggie Pelosi had been appointed to its board of directors. This move became effective last Thursday.
Eight directors now serve on the eXp board, four of which are independent.
Glenn Sanford, founder, CEO, and chairman of eXp World Holdings said that Peggie Pelosi was a joy to welcome to the Board of Directors. “Peggie brings a wealth of experience in independent contractor direct selling models, field member development, and environmental, social and governance (ESG), which will be invaluable as we grow and enhance our agent value proposition.”
Pelosi is a founding partner and strategic adviser at Orinda Special Purpose since 2005. Orinda Special Purpose is a Toronto-based corporate social responsibility consultancy. Since 2015, she has been the executive director at Innovators Alliance.
Pelosi was previously a member USANA Health Sciences, Inc.’s management staff before she decided to focus her career on corporate social responsibility in 2004. Pelosi was first the executive director of Canada sales and then became vice president of network development.
Pelosi remains a member of USANA’s board of directors, and is the chair of the firm’s sustainability committee.