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Three ways to increase momentum for 2023

Are you feeling the famous “sales rollercoaster” highs and lows? This rollercoaster ride can be filled with a flurry deal-making that takes up most of your waking hours. Then, there’s the sound of crickets as all the deals are completed and business seems dry. I like to ask real estate agents, rookies and veterans, about their lead generation strategies. This helps me build or regain momentum in my business.
These questions are based upon my professional experience and research into top RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand producers. These tips were duplicated and are the core of the questions I ask agents about the roller coaster.
How many lead generation groups do your employees use each week?
Our peer-reviewed data showed that at least five groups are the best for lead generation. This question is keyed by the word “group”. Some will answer, “I do five lead-generation activities because I post on Instagram and TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.”
My answer was that this is only one type of lead generation, the social media group. You need four more.
Which lead generation group do you prefer?
While some lead generation strategies might work well for other agents, they may not work for you. Some people, for example, are committed to attending networking events even though they shyly sweat in the corner. There are many ways to grow your business. Only 5-7 are really necessary. So why not choose an activity that suits your personality? This is especially true if you are a solo-preneur. You need to be strategic and deliberate about how you spend your time. This Real Trends podcast explains how to prospect and make money with your personality(c).
To grow your business, you should try at least five lead generation activities groups that are based on your personality.
Even if you need to automate some tasks, weekly is important. You can schedule six months to a full year of postcards and other mailers, especially on “evergreen” topics such as tax season, holidays, etc.
Are you a fair housing advocate looking for clients from all walks?
Citi, The Brookings Institute, and other studies have shown that millions of dollars have been lost in the national economy because of discrimination against legally protected classes. These can include people with disabilities, differences in gender, race and religion, as well as those who are not of the same national origin. These discriminations also have an impact on the local economy.
Connect with organizations that support different protected classes to expand your lead generation network. This outreach can be done using any or all of your lead generation groups. Consider joining the National Organization on Disability, your local Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, or other organizations that support the protectionist classes. You can be their go-to person for all things realty.
We don’t say who we work for or with whom we aren’t. Our motto is “Come one, Come All.” This means that real estate agents should not create a target client or client profile. Instead, we should use our talents to help organizations that serve the greater good. Fair housing for all is a way to create communal wealth and preserve our legacy.
The top producers I have studied from RealTrends and Tom Ferry’s The Thousand can answer these questions, diversify lead generation groups, and play active roles within the affordable housing community.
Lee Davenport, Ph.D., is a real-estate coach and consultant who specializes on fair housing.