Top tips for creating killer social media content

Social media is a powerful platform for building relationships, generating leads, and personifying brands. Social media has been cited as a great source of high-quality leads. Most professionals in the industry use the space in some way. Brooke Group Real Estate has integrated my channels into its overall marketing strategy. This formalized approach has helped me bring in more quality leads and build a loyal following who understand our brand, our mission and what sets us apart.
However, I didn’t realize there were so many nuances when I began my digital journey three years ago. When I met Watermark Inc., my paradigm was changed. This agency is committed to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses and ultimately improve their bottom lines.
The best practices, great content, and what I can expect from these platforms over the next years quickly became practical takeaways that I could implement. This was refreshing as if you’re anything like me, you feel more confused than empowered after reading a blog post about making Reel or an AdAge article on the latest TikTok craze. Watermark Inc.’s expertise helped me create content that was driven by clear goals, authentically and that continues to help my team and me break through the noise.
To make an impact, you don’t need to be present on every platform.
Watermark’s team says that you don’t need to spend too much on your social media strategy. If you try to be everywhere on every platform, you will eventually exhaust yourself and become frustrated with the lack of results. Before you start to lean in, consider the following:
Where is my target audience most likely to spend their time?
What kind of content will you be sharing?
What are my top three goals?
How do I measure success?
What can I do realistically?
Once you have thought about your answers and your “why”, you can start to familiarize yourself with the platforms that you can use to add value and value to your brand.
A little help:
Start posting on LinkedIn if your audience consists of tech professionals who are more inclined to read white papers than to pay attention to a Reel. To maintain a healthy presence on LinkedIn, you only need to post three to five times per week.
If your target audience is first-time home buyers, you might consider posting mostly to Instagram. If you feel ambitious, you might post on TikTok. You’ll be more likely to get second looks if you create lighthearted, visually appealing content that will help you work with the algorithms.
Be clear about your Call to Action
We don’t want to stuff our content with pitchy sales pitches. We do want to increase engagement beyond the occasional liking of a blog post. When possible, you can include unique CTA’s in your posts to collect contact information, gather feedback, encourage purchase, and provide valuable information. Your creativity and personality should take the lead. Audiences will respond more to a friendly “let’s stay connected” than to a “buy now.”
Diversifying your approach is important. You can include the CTA in your caption, or say it aloud, or even write it on the screen. As long as it does not become the main focus of your posts, it is important to diversify your approach.
Optimize platform capabilities
Stories, Reels, Carousels, oh my! It can be overwhelming, especially when the best social media posts change almost every day. When I began to work with Watermark Inc., they advised me to slow down and learn all the new tricks that I had before I tried to use them all.
Before you start to frown at the idea of creating a Reel, remember that these methods are intended to help users break through the saturation to position their content effectively. You can’t continue to post in-feed posts. You need to learn your toolkit, research techniques, and understand your audience.
Reels, Stories and Carousels are great tools for real estate brokers and agents to showcase properties, provide market updates, and give viewers a glimpse into your listings. When you want to capture an audience, they are visually stunning, interactive, and highly effective.
Personify your content
It can be daunting to put a face on your business content. Many people prefer to avoid the spotlight and rely on other creative elements to communicate their message. While that can sometimes be effective, the data shows that most consumers support brands they feel a connection with, especially those that put a relatable face on the company. It becomes much easier and almost effortless to generate supportive responses.
Start small. Start small. You can include a quote, a thought that you came across during your day, or a photo with a client. No matter what angle, authenticity prevails. You’ll soon realize that the proof is in numbers when you test these waters.
These are the four things I keep in mind whenever I create content or explore new avenues online. Since I began to use my approach, my following on all social media platforms has increased by an average 67%. There is no need to waste time trying to convert likes into leads, or worry about what to say. I can connect my efforts to impact with others without any mystery.
I have clearly identified the qualities I want to place at the forefront my brand’s presence. I know what I want my audience to take away from my show. What about the rest? The rest? It’s a marathon and not a sprint, but once you start optimizing these spaces, you will see a brand presence that your clients and you can be proud of.
Lindsay Parks is the founder of LV&IVY and its CEO.
David Brooke worked as a real-estate appraiser for 11+ years before becoming an agent. He started with Engel & Volkers, then moved to Berkshire Hathaway (2013), Keller Williams (2015), and finally to eXp 2020. His team is responsible for over $200 million in sales today.