5 quick and easy ways to find real estate listings today

Listings can only be “gotten” if you own the customer relationship both before and after the transaction. This is where most real estate agents fall short. It’s important to be a marketing and advertising professional before and after the transaction.
Here are five quick and easy ways to get listings for 2023
Content marketing
Content marketing should be viral. It is essential to create content that is relevant to what people are searching for, thinking about, discussing, and concerned about. can be a helpful tool to help you with this. The website creates a graph by searching keywords related to a topic. It also shows other phrases that people have searched for in conjunction with that topic. The data also shows the most frequently asked questions about the topic. Is selling a house considered a capital gain? Or, who pays for the closing costs of a home that is being sold?
Content marketing is all about timing. It is important to match your content with what’s hot in order to maximize traffic. To predict future topics, you can use websites such as and analyze what people are searching for. This site uses data and algorithms to predict what topics will be most popular.

Exploding Topics helps content creators create timely, relevant content by identifying new topics and analysing current search data. People were searching for help in finding listings a year ago. They are now concerned about the effect of inflation on their home’s worth. Sites like Exploding Topics allow you to predict what your audience is interested in and create timely and relevant content.
Bonus tip: Use Facebook ads to drive clicks to your entire blog to attract thousands of visitors.
The email “What’s Your Plan?”
The “What’s Your Plan?” email is a simple but effective piece of content that can help real-estate agents stay relevant and find new listings. This email can be sent to your database several times per year.
It can be used to gather information about clients’ plans. This information can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and follow-ups. The email is intended to be timely, relevant, and easy to respond to. Clients have three options: stay put, look for investment opportunities, or sell their home before its value decreases.
Agents can create great opportunities for their clients and themselves by asking these questions and presenting them in a non-idealist way. It’s a simple, effective way to keep clients connected and stay ahead of the rest in the real-estate industry.
The CMA-athon
Executing a CMA marathon can help real estate agents boost their business. Reach out to your network via Facebook Messenger or text message and offer to do a CMA on their home.
Agents can make the CMA a valuable service to their clients, regardless of whether they are selling their home. A personalized message can create a feeling of reciprocity. Agents can create future business opportunities and build better relationships with clients.
This strategy can produce impressive results. One example: 30 CMAs were sent by eight agents. This resulted in 12 appointments being booked, five listings being taken, and more than $80,000 in revenue. Real estate agents can prepare for a successful year by executing a marathon of CMAs and provide valuable service to clients.
Direct mail
Direct mail marketing is still effective, but it is not as old-fashioned as bad direct mail.
Many people don’t have a strategy for mailing campaigns. This can make it difficult for real estate agents not to stand out. One of our clients in San Diego used clever tactics to send postcards to specific areas.
After a buyer of a home drew a rectangle on a map of the area where they were looking, our client sent postcards to the area bearing the drawing.
The postcard stated that the buyer was “Looking for a home in this exact area.” It also provided details about the buyer’s needs, including the desired price range. This is a modern way of sending a buyer’s letter that can help real estate agents reach potential buyers.
Yellow Letters are another creative and exciting way to stand out from the crowd in a crowded market. These personalized letters look handwritten and are personalized. These letters are printed on yellow papers and include a handwritten post it note on the top. This makes them even more authentic.
You can personalize the post-it note with a message that will grab the attention of the recipient. “Your neighbor hired us to represent them,” or “We just closed a deal in your area for $X.” These letters are sent out in bulk to a targeted client list.
Although the letters can be tedious to write, there are many services that can help you. Agents can demonstrate that they are willing and able to go the extra mile in order to connect with potential clients by using yellow letters.
The Zactimate
Zillow is a popular tool for helping people determine the value of their home. We can use this reality to our advantage, regardless of how unpleasant it may be.
It’s a great way for your brand to be associated with Zillow.
This is possible using the Zactimate (or [your name])-timate. This email will be sent to your entire list with this subject line: Zillow was WAY off!
The email can be quickly drafted with a statistic about Zillow being incorrect and a link to an article.
Keep it short and sweet.
Ask the recipient to complete your email by asking if they are interested in selling their home. If they respond with their street address, you can offer to send them a Zactimate.
Chris Smith is the author and co-founder of Curyator.