Americans still view home ownership as the American Dream

Each person’s interpretation is unique and individual. For many, the American Dream is tied to success, freedom and prosperity. A recent survey by Bankrate asked respondents to choose the achievements that they felt best embodied the American Dream. The responses show that owning a house is still important for many Americans today. (See graph below):As you can see in the graph, homeownership ranks higher than other significant milestones such as retirement, having a career, and earning an undergraduate degree. It finds that: . . Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans see homeownership as an important way to build intergenerational wealth. This is because your equity (and your net worth) will grow over time as you pay off your home loan and home prices increase. This can be an important factor in building long-term financial stability and intergenerational wealth. . . The American Dream is built on the foundation of buying a house. Take the first step to making your homeownership dreams a reality by contacting a local real-estate expert.

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