An expert gives you clarity in today’s housing market

There have been shifts in the housing market recently. It’s important to have a professional in the industry who can guide you through the process. They will use their knowledge of the housing market, expert projections, and other factors to provide the best advice. It is crucial to have someone who can give you such clarity right now. Jay Thompson, Real Estate Industry Consultant explains that headlines about the housing market are everywhere. Many headlines are sensational and end with exclamation marks or foretelling industry doom. Clickbait, or sensationalizing headlines and content, is a problem since the dawning of the internet. Housing news is no exception. Unfortunately, market uncertainty can be fueled by unclear information. Jason Lewris is the Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer at Parcl. He says that real estate decisions are becoming more driven by fear, uncertainty and doubt because of a lack of reliable, up-to date information. It is a major decision that you must make. An expert can help you distinguish fact from fiction and provide the information you need. They can also help you debunk headlines with data you can trust. Experts have a deep understanding of the industry and can give context to help you understand how current trends compare to historical data. Finally, an agent can tell if your area is following the national trend, or if they see something different in your market. All that information can be used together to make the best decision. After all, a move can potentially change your life. It should be something that you are excited about and feel ready for. A trusted expert is the best way to get expert advice and the most current housing market insights.

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