Are there more homes on the market?

The number of houses for sale is a major factor in today’s market. If you’re deciding whether or not to sell your home, this is one of the best advantages you can have. Your house will stand out when housing inventory is so low, especially if you price it right. But there are early signs that more listings will be coming. According to the most recent data, new listings are on the rise. These are homeowners who have just listed their home for sale. More Homes Are Coming to the Market Than UsualIt is well-known that spring is the busiest season in the housing market. This is why the number of newly listed properties increases throughout the first half year. Sellers anticipate this and prepare for the months where buyers are most active. As the school year begins and the holidays approach the market will cool. It’s what’s expected.But here’s what’s surprising. According to the latest data provided by there is an increase in the number sellers listing their homes later than usual this year. This late in the year peak is not typical. The graph below shows both the normal seasonal pattern and the unusual August. As explains, “While inventory continues to remain in short supply, August saw an unusual uptick of newly listed homes when compared to July. This could signal a return of seller activity heading into the fall season. . It’s too early to say if this trend will continue, but you should be aware of it if it does. This trend is still too early to predict if it will continue. However, you should be prepared to act quickly if it does. If this trend continues, the longer you delay, the more competition you will face. If your neighbor also puts their home up for sale, you may need to share the attention of buyers with them. You can beat your neighbor to the punch if you sell now. But, even though more homes are coming on the market, it is still below the normal supply levels. This inventory deficit won’t be corrected overnight. This graph will help you put things into perspective, so you know what you can do now. Bottom LineEven if inventory is still low, it’s not worth waiting for more competition in your neighborhood. You can still take advantage of this opportunity by selling your home today. Contact a realty agent to discuss the benefits of selling your home before more homes hit the market.

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