Ashley Bowers, Homesmart’s M&A prospecting expert, speaks at Gathering of Eagles 2023

Ashley Bowers is president of HomeSmart International. She is also a panelist for Gathering of Eagles 2023. Bowers will be sharing her M&A expertise at DealMakers on the “Prospecting – How to find and develop M&A candidate” panel.
Bowers gives us an insider’s look at some of the details that her panel will cover at DealMakers.
RealTrends – Why are you so excited to speak at Gathering of Eagles in 2023?
Ashley Bowers:GOE is a premier real estate event of the year. It is an honor to be asked. I love events that allow us to put aside competition and help each other based upon our individual experiences. This is what I want to do as a speaker.
RT: What are the benefits of attending conferences? How can you make the most of your conference experience?
AB: As I said, these gatherings are truly valuable if we can put aside our competitive spirit and work together as leaders. It’s also a time for you to recharge and focus on your leadership principles.
RT: This is DealMakers’ “Prospecting: How can you find and develop M&A candidate candidates.” What are your best M&A practices based on your own experience?
AB: Patience, no joke. It takes time and strong relationships to create amazing combinations. Both teams need to get to know one another and be able to work together to achieve great results for agents. This results in great results for everyone.
RT: What’s the most important thing you hope attendees take away from your presentation on prospecting M&A candidates for sale?
AB: Be sincere in building relationships with leaders that you hope to become one day. Share and collaborate with them to build their business. This can make the difference between you and your competitor.

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Click here to register for Gathering of Eagles 2023. Don’t forget to reserve your place at the Omni Barton creek by May 16! This conference is a must-attend event for real estate leaders, brokers, and presidents of real estate. HW+ members receive special discounts on Gathering of Eagles registrations. Only VIP ticket holders can attend DealMakers to watch Ashley and her colleagues perform.