Buyer traffic is still stronger than normal

You’re putting off the sale of your home because you’re afraid no one will buy because mortgage rates are so high. The latest data shows that there are still plenty of buyers out there and they are buying homes today. The data proves it. The ShowingTime Showing Index measures the number of buyers who tour homes. The graph below compares the latest numbers to the same months in the previous normal years to show how active buyers are today. They’re also a lot more active. Danielle Hale is the Chief Economist at and she explains that interest rate hikes continue reducing buyers’ purchasing power. . .”It’s simple. The key takeaway for youWhile the market has slowed from the frenzy in the past couple of years, that doesn’t mean it is at a standstill. Buyer traffic is still high today. Even with the current mortgage rates, many buyers are still moving forward. Bottom LineDon’t delay your plans because you are worried that no one will purchase your home. In fact, more buyers than usual are active. Contact a real estate agent for help in preparing your home to sell so that it makes the best possible first impression on those eager buyers.

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