Chime claims that Chime’s AI chatbot is 93% accurate in communicating with users

Chime Technologies, a Phoenix-based platform for real estate sales acceleration, announced Monday that its chatbot AI Assistant has a 93% accuracy in conversation. According to the company, the chatbot AI Assistant has increased daily messages by more that 322% and daily leads responses by more then 108% in the past year.
According to Chime, the company attributes the success of its chatbot “consistent coaching” and “humanizing” the chatbot, as well as four years of strategic product development.
“Four years ago our forward-thinking product design team recognized the potential of AI to significantly affect the real estate industry. We created a powerful, intuitive chatbot to help agents work smarter, not harder,” stated Dave Carter, vice president marketing at Chime.
According to Chime, chatbot adoption among customers increased by 46% between 2022 and 2022.
Carter stated that Carter will continue to prioritise humanizing AI to deliver high-quality interactions for agents and consumers.
AI Assistant was launched in 2019 and is powered by machine learning technology and natural language processing technologies. According to the statement, a Chime team regularly trains it to “deliver operational intelligence agents need for closing deals.” To gauge its performance, the team reviews thousands upon thousands of conversations.
According to the company’s website, the chatbot has conversational capabilities that cover all aspects of the buying and selling process. Clients can schedule appointments and show leads, and cold leads are converted into hot leads in six-month campaigns.
Chime claims that AI Assistant saves time by notifying clients when a lead engages. It also offers clients AI tags and groups to help manage leads.
These features are designed to increase agent productivity and improve conversion rates. Chime also integrates the chatbot into its sales acceleration platform.
A few AI Assistant packages include a Facebook Messenger integration. This allows the chatbot and leads to communicate through the social media platform.
The company has added new features to AI Assistant, including the ability to schedule a showing directed based on lead availability, responding directly listing ad questions and integration with Smart Plans.
Chime Technologies is a U.S. subsidiary company of Renren, Inc. In November last year, the company launched a lead generation geo-farming feature. The tech combines AI-powered marketing automation with local market intelligence, helping agents to narrow down high-potential marketing areas.