Collabra Tech launches new digital marketing platform

Collabra Technology has today launched SphereBuilder, a digital marketing platform that provides real-estate professionals with data-driven insights and analytics to help them build their digital sphere. This is a world in which effective digital marketing is essential for agents.
Credit Karma for real estate agents’ online presence
Real estate professionals begin their SphereBuilder journey using a digital marketing analytics tool that is modeled after Credit Karma. An algorithm that is proprietary reviews the agent’s online presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Zillow, Google and Google+ to calculate a SphereIndex Score. The score is compared to the SphereBuilder Local Pro Benchmark which measures the performance of top local producers.
SphereBuilder gives agents a clear picture of their digital marketing efforts against local competitors by comparing their SphereIndex Score with the Local Pro Benchmark. It also offers recommendations to improve their score. These include claiming and building online profiles, and using the all-in one SphereBuilder platform for automated and curated listing and not-listing content creation, sharing social media, and developing paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google.
Russ Cofano is the CEO of Collabra Technology and operator of SphereBuilder. “We are thrilled to launch this revolutionary platform to help agents build their brand, stay top-of-mind with consumers in an increasingly digital world, and eventually become the ‘know and like and trust’ agent in their community.