Happy Grasshopper and Chime combine to offer market-driven content for agents

Happy Grasshopper is a content and marketing platform that brokers and agents use to create and share content. The integration allows agents to access Chime Solution Suite, a real-estate CRM, IDX, lead generation platform, and team management platform.

“Agents and brokers have a hard time finding the right content for their marketing efforts. This is true for email campaigns, social media, or SMS to their database. We at Chime don’t know enough so having Happy Grasshopper as an integration partner makes perfect sense,” Stuart Sim, vice-president of industry development at Chime, stated in a prepared statement.

The Happy Grasshopper platform uses specialized messaging to foster relationships via media such as emails, voicemails and handwritten cards. This integration will allow Happy Grasshopper to upload their content into the Chime database. The content will be automatically sent to Chime customers using smart lists by the AI system.

Agents no longer need to think about what content they want to create by using this tool. Instead, the system will provide market-specific content Chime requires to “take the heavy lifting off of agents’ shoulders” according to the release.

“We have many customers on Chime, and have always had high regard for their company. Happy Grasshopper CEO Dan Stewart stated that partnering with them was a great way to get more content to realtors to help grow their businesses.

Chime, a subsidiary of Renren, is based in Arizona and currently serves about 50,000 customers. The company launched a lead generation geo-farming feature last November that combines local market information with AI-powered marketing automation. This allows agents to pinpoint high-potential marketing areas.

Chime acquired Rentancy, a property management software company, in September 2022.

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