Is persistence the most important trait for agents?

While we all want others believe in us, our ideas, and our services, as real estate professionals, how much do we believe ourselves?
Your determination to persevere despite opposition is the best way to show your faith, commitments, and beliefs. Although it’s not always easy to do, it’s always possible.
Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, and other mentors and trainers have been some of the most influential real-estate coaches. They have all demonstrated and articulated the importance and importance of persistence. My mantra is “Never give in and keep going,” which is my mantra if you know me. Heck, even the Bible has dozens of inspiring verses encouraging us perseverance in all areas of our lives.
Hence, it is so frustrating that so many of us fail in sales and look down on those who do.
It could be that real estate sales and recruiting persistence are often confused with sales pressure. They are actually completely different. Sales pressure is the repeated communication of the same thing regardless of the other person’s fears, worries, and concerns.
Real estate sales and recruiting persistence require that you empathize with others, adjust, and move forward with new approaches, better messages, and more value. Who better to serve them and take care of their needs than you?
Persistence is key
Persistence isn’t something that applies only to some people at certain times and under certain circumstances. Persistence has many benefits.
Do you spend your time looking for real estate deals, or actually working to make real estate deals? If your goal is to find enough people ready to do business now, then you are operating in a small world. Your possibilities will expand if you expand your definition.
People are generally slow to act and reluctant. Most of our opportunities are in creating interest, engaging, creating desire, and creating urgency.
Persistency is a trait that allows you to take the time out of the equation, communicate in a way which allows you to add value and bring immense value to others.
Persistence is a sign that you are persistent
Show genuine concern for them. Are you convinced that people are better off if they do business with you? You are changing lives, regardless of whether you realize it. It matters what you do. I believe it, do you! ?
Believe in yourself. Are you confident in your abilities? Your efforts and you are what will make the difference. Your success is determined by what you say, how you ask, and what you do.
You must understand their situation and be specific in your solutions. Are you convinced that your real estate services can improve people’s lives. Although energy is important, your certainty is more powerful than your enthusiasm. Your personal feelings about your services will always be the best way to close sales.
There are many reasons to keep moving forward. Are you a firm believer that there is more to a value than just listing a property or showing a buyer a house? Real insights are the most important thing. The most compelling thing will always be the one that is unique and personal to each buyer, seller, or investor.
These are the 4 habits of persistent people
They Celebrate What They Do
They Expect to Face Resistance
They Prepare for Resistance
They don’t take resistance personally
Persistence can’t be replaced. There is no substitute. Either you will either lean in, keep your eyes open, and figure it all out, or you won’t.
Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. You don’t have to give up just because someone doesn’t agree with you immediately.
Ask yourself this question: What does it cost me to keep going and ignore people’s concerns? It is important for you to continue if you felt it was important enough to do so. Persistency is a key to building relationships and convincing customers to buy.
Persistence is important because:
Sometimes people need to hear it in a different way. There are six emotional motivations to do business: Profit, gain, fear of missing out, comfort and pleasure; avoiding suffering; love and affection; pride or prestige.
The wrong message will not get you the results you want. It will never feel right unless it feels right. Sometimes, all it takes to reframe and reposition your message in the right language that resonates with your audience is to do so.
Sometimes people need more motivation to move forward. Every sale requires that the buyer makes sacrifices. Before they can move forward, they must feel satisfied with what they get in return.
Sometimes, all it takes to add another level of value and connect the dots to another reason for moving forward is to stack the cool! Tom Ferry, my friend, and I call this “stacking the cool!” If you give someone enough reasons to move, they will make an impact every time. But it must not be your reason.
Sometimes people don’t know where to go next. Sometimes people don’t know how they can move forward.
Sometimes people need precise guidance. It is equally important to show the way as to explain the why. Sometimes all they need is to hold their hand and guide them through the next step.
Sometimes, people just need more time. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there. Sometimes customers need more time to understand the situation, whether it is five minutes, five days, or five months. You might get a completely different answer if you ask at a different time.
Persistence pays off! To multiply your success, I encourage you to adopt these four habits of persistent people.
Persistence is always better than pressure. You want others to believe you, believe your ideas, and believe your offerings. Your willingness to persevere despite resistance is the best way to show your confidence, commitments and beliefs.
Your efforts and you are what make the difference.
Although it’s not always easy to do so, everything changes when you understand, adjust, and move on with a better approach, better message, or more value.
Mark Johnson, co-founder of CoRecruit, is a business partner at Third Pool Recruiting. He is also an author, speaker, and thought leader in real estate.