Jose Medina discusses running a successful teamerage

Today’s RealTrending features Jose Medina (team leader at Jose Medina & Associates, Keller Williams Legacy Group Realty). Medina was named a 2021 realTrends GameChanger because of the firm’s 435% increase in transaction side percentages between 2016 and 2020.
Medina now manages two brokerages and a teamerage powered by Impact. Impact is a solution that brokers can use to have a teamerage section within their regular brokerage operations.
Medina shares his experiences running a teamerage and explains his business model. He also shares his lead generation secrets.

Here’s a preview of Jose’s interview today. This transcript has been lightly edited to improve clarity and length.

Tracey Velt – What do you think makes a team work well? What’s in it to the agent?
Jose Medina: There are many models. There are some key components to a successful teamerage. You must recruit agents and have lead generation levers. You will also need to coordinate listing and transaction coordination. To make them successful, you will need to provide training and coaching. All of these things are necessary. Agents can do all of these things if they only do one. Right? They have the option to hire a coach or buy leads on their behalf. But what they really want is an all-inclusive package that gives them everything they need. This is the benefit of a teamerage. It’s a one-stop shop.
Another benefit is that many agents want their own identity. They are hesitant to join a team as they don’t want their identity to be stolen by the rainmaker. They want to build something of their own. If done at a high-level, the teamerage concept will be able give them the support they need and allow them to keep their identity.

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