MoxiWorks, a tech startup, partners with Milestones Labs

MoxiWorks, a real estate technology platform and CRM startup, has partnered up with Milestones Labs to provide homeowner management software, the company stated in a prepared statement Tuesday.
MoxiWorks customers will have access to Milestones Homeownership Hubs and Move Hubs as well as mortgage and other ancillary information through this partnership. According to the statement, the homeownership management portals access will be available at no additional cost. This can help agents build relationships and facilitate the transaction process.
Milestones CEO Dustin Gray stated that the company has always sought to integrate with new technology offerings and elevate industry as a whole. “MoxiWorks has a track record of delivering powerful technology on a large scale, while still remaining steadfast in its mission that helps industry professionals thrive in a seamless software experience for their businesses.”
Milestones, a 2023 HousingWire Technology100 company, offers an integrated platform that creates private client portals. Hubs) are personalized according to whether the customer is selling, buying, moving, owning or owning a home.
The Homeownership Hub of the company provides tools to help clients keep track their documents, key contacts and maintenance tasks; locate local service providers and repairmen; manage their home finances by tracking and monitoring home value and equity, property taxes and monitoring mortgage payments, and providing loans access.
MoxiWorks provides brokers with repeat and referral business, home valuation and maintenance services, and can now offer agents “a portal for making the most of their homeownership journey and to keep their clients in mind.”
Gray stated, “Together we will help brokerages service the next generation of homeowners – by leveraging technology and delivering personalized client service before. during. and after the transaction.”
York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks, says it is important to keep the inertia in building “a pipeline which converts” in a cooler marketplace. This ultimately leads to repeat and referral business.
Baur stated that there are many golden moments in the homeownership journey. If we can change our mindset beyond the transaction agents, we can be present for each of these moments and win more listings.
MoxiWorks currently serves over 800 brokerages and 400,000 agents across the country, with more 150 partners who integrate with MoxiCloud’s open platform. MoxiWorks claims that its integrated tools increase agents’ repeat and referral business by 54%, while lowering overall technology and training costs for a brokerage.