Nick Bailey, CEO of RE/MAX, on the technology that should be left behind

Nick Bailey is RE/MAX’s president and CEO. He will also be a speaker at Gathering of Eagles 2023. Bailey will be sharing his views on technology real estate needs and what we should leave behind during Gathering of Eagles’ “CEO Playbook”: Rethinking an In-House Tech Platform.
Below is Bailey’s insider look at some of the details that his session will cover.
RealTrends – Why are you so excited to speak at Gathering of Eagles in 2023?
Nick Bailey: Every year, Gathering of Eagles offers a unique opportunity to meet some of the most innovative leaders within the real estate industry. I look forward to sharing some of our RE/MAX strategies. It’s a core activity at this event, and one of my favorite parts of the real-estate industry is exchanging great ideas.
RT: What are the benefits of attending conferences? How can you make the most of your conference experience?
NB: Conferences are a vital part of professional and personal development. Gathering of Eagles gives you the opportunity to hear from industry experts and gain new perspectives about industry trends and innovations. They keep you informed about the latest industry technology, best practices, and other relevant information. They help you build strong relationships that will pay big dividends in the future. You should always meet people and learn from them in this business.
RT: You are hosting a CEO Playbook, “Rethinking a In-House Tech Platform.” Based on your own experience, what are the essential features for a technology platform in real estate?
NB: The best tech will be used by tech agents. The only thing that is “must-have” is technology that they can use and that doesn’t cost too much. We’ve found the perfect spot in the evolution of RE/MAX technology. Inside Real Estate is working with us to develop a full range of tools and resources that will help RE/MAX agents save time, money, and close more deals. It’s theirs for free — and the initial excitement was unstoppable.
RT: What’s the most important thing you hope attendees take away from your presentation on proprietary technology?
NB: Emerging technology is almost impossible to ignore in today’s world. Technology use is expected to grow in this space. Agents must adapt and learn how to make the most of all these new tools. No matter if you buy it, build it, or partner with it – your tech products should be designed to improve the user experience, both for the agent and the consumer.
RT: Any other suggestions?
NB: I am open to speaking with industry leaders to gain insight into their perspectives, strategies, and methods.

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