Opendoor and Zillow expand partnership

Opendoor has expanded its product availability to three markets, just one month after it announced the launch of Zillow’s Atlanta and Raleigh selling solutions.
On Wednesday, home sellers in Dallas and Houston will be able to request both an Opendoor cash offer and an estimate of the sale price for listing their home through a Zillow Premier Agent.
Brian Tolkin (Opendoor’s vice-president of product), stated that some of the early signals are encouraging. “Obviously, millions of people sell and buy homes each year. We introduced this product at a moment when sellers are facing quite some market volatility and uncertainty. The selling solution was designed not only to serve customers during these volatile market conditions but also to empower sellers to transact with ease in any market condition.
Tolkin stated that Zillow and Opendoor will continue to roll out the product in the country this year with the ultimate goal of making it available for home sellers in all Opendoor’s markets. Tolkin stated that the feedback from consumers on the selling solutions has been positive, even though it’s only been a month.
Tolkin stated that Opendoor attracts sellers and buyers from all walks of life and are looking for simplicity and certainty. “I was listening the other day to a customer’s story. They described how their process was. They had been in 2.5 escrows due to sales falling through, and it was so painful and time-consuming. They had just purchased a new house, and were spending so much effort and time fixing it up that they didn’t want the old one to be sold. Opendoor was the best solution for them.
Opendoor announced its multiyear partnership with Zillow on August 20, 2022.
Tolkin stated that “It is really exciting to take the fact that Zillow receives over 200 million unique views and combine that with Opendoor’s cash offer service to bring an easy, seamless selling solution for more and more people.” People need to move in slower markets and faster markets. We are here to help them.