The best time to sell your house is when others aren’t selling

There are fewer homes on the market than usual this season. This is because there are fewer homes for sale this season than usual. Looking back at Aprils since 2017, the only time fewer sellers listed was in April 2020 when the pandemic hit, stalling the housing market. (Shown in red on the graph below). In normal years, about 500,000 sellers list their homes in April. This year we saw less than 400,000 sellers enter the market in April. Rate lock. According to a recent survey by, 56% people who plan to sell within the next year are waiting for rates to drop. You can get more attention for your home when fewer sellers put their homes on the market. Your house may receive multiple offers from buyers who are competing over the limited number of homes available for sale. This is especially true if you price your home correctly. . . If you’re ready now to sell, beat the competition and get it on the market before the others. If you do this, your home will stand out and may receive multiple offers. Partner with a professional real estate agent to put your house on the marketplace.

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