The Role Of Access In Selling Your House

Once you have decided to sell your house, and hired a realty agent to assist you, they will ask you how much access you would like to allow potential buyers. Your answer is more important than ever in recent years. Here are three reasons why. During the height of the pandemic buying frenzy, there was an increase in homebuyers making offers on houses they had never seen. Three reasons this happened: Extremely low housing inventory
There is a lot of competition from other buyers who want to take advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates
A general aversion to home visits in person during a pandemic
The market is changing and buyers are more selective. You should give buyers as much access as possible to your house to help them sell it. These are the five levels of access that you can offer your agent before you tell them what works best for you. These are arranged in order of most convenient to a buyer to least. Your agent will be more likely to sell your house if they have as many buyers as possible.
Providing a Key to Your Home – An agent would need to visit your office to pick up the key. This is still a convenient option for buyers.
Open Access with a Telephone Call – This allows you to show the property with just a telephone call.
Only by Appointment – Your agent might arrange a showing for you at a specific time and give you notice. This will allow you to prepare the house and ensure you have somewhere else to go while you wait.
Limited Access – This could mean that you are only willing to make your house available on specific days or at particular times of the day. This is generally the most difficult and most flexible way to sell your house to potential buyers.
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