Today, approximately 11,000 houses will be sold

Some homeowners have waited months to list their home because they do not believe that people are buying houses right now. If this is you, then know that the housing market, while it has slowed down compared to its frenzy a few years ago, is still moving forward. According to the National Association of Realtors, based on current sales, just over four million homes will be sold this year. Let’s do some simple math to see what this means for you. 4.16 million homes divided 365 days per year = 11,397 homes sold each day
11 397 divided by 24 hour day = 475 homes sold per hour
If you divide 475 by 60 minutes, that’s about 8 houses per minute.
A real estate expert can tell you more about the number of homes sold in your area, the advantages that sellers are currently enjoying, and what buyers are looking for in your area. Together, you can use this information to help you determine how to market your home based on local trends. Bottom LineIf you have been waiting to sell your house because you didn’t believe there were buyers out there, you should know that the market is active today. Around 11,000 homeowners sell every day while you wait. In the time you took to read this article, eight homes were sold. Connect with a local agent when you’re ready too.

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