Your laundry room could be the difference between success and failure in your next listing

There are many things that buying a home can bring about. The homeowner finally has a place to call their own. There is nothing that screams apartment living more than communal laundry machines. When first-time homebuyers enter the market, they only have one request: a laundry area.
The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), recently released a report that ranked the most desirable features and design trends for homebuyers. A laundry room was rated as essential by 45% of homebuyers, and desirable by 38%. This means that 83% buyers will be searching for a dedicated laundry room.
These designs and trends will help you to highlight features in your next listing, or find the perfect property for homebuyers.
Living spaces outside
Outdoor living spaces are a top choice for 78% of homebuyers. Outdoor living spaces are essential for homeowners who want to take care of their physical and mental health.
According to the report, builders saw a significant jump in demand for exterior amenities such as patios and decks.
Square footage
Most homeowners are willing to compromise on certain aspects of their dreams in order to build their dream home. Size is the most important feature they will compromise on.
Donald Ruthroff, founder and principal of Design Story Spaces LLC said, “We’re discovering that if you use less space, you can spend more money on details and finishes to make rooms like bathrooms feel more luxurious.” People will pay more for solutions such as cabinetry add ons that reduce dead space and add utility.
The average square footage of newly constructed homes fell in 2022, according to builders. This is due to rising home prices.
Security cameras
78% of buyers also rated security cameras and other security features as important or desirable. Because they spend so much time in their homes, homeowners want to feel safe. This trend is common for both first-time and repeat buyers.
Homebuyers might be willing to compromise the square footage if a property has a laundry area, a large patio for entertaining, and security features. Buyers still want enough space to live and work in a healthy environment.
These features are especially important for first-time buyers. Buyers might have simpler needs than you realize.