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12 ways real estate agents can become local experts

A new agent can present many challenges, such as building a business, understanding the industry, and creating a marketing strategy for a competitive market.
Your confidence in yourself and your abilities is the most important challenge. In starting your own business, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable situation. It can be very stressful.
Although you may not be able to fully understand the real estate process, you might have something that is very useful: a good understanding of where you live. You will know the vibe of each area, the best restaurants and entertainment spots, and where to see the best sunsets. Just by living your life and creating your own list of favorites, you’ve done an amazing amount of preparation.
You now have the knowledge. Now it’s time for you to use it in your business. Here are some creative ways to be the local expert in your unique way.
1. Sign up to receive the newsletter from the local expert
Create an e-newsletter each month or bi-monthly that highlights your favorite local (and seasonal!) activities, restaurants, and attractions. You can include new hotspots as well as tried-and-true favorites, new gallery exhibitions, cool cafes, and great rooftop bars. It is important to keep it well-curated. These are your picks. Tell your recipients what you love most about them.
2. Create video content
Make a series of videos or posts that highlight local entrepreneurs. Promote their stories and share their inspiring stories. You can also ask them to share their videos on their channels to increase the number of people who see it (and your profile).
3. Social media can change the game
Each week, you should focus on a different area of your locality on social media. You can share your favorite spots with your audience and give them a glimpse of the special vibe.
4. Highlight other local experts
Quick Q&A reels can put community members in the spotlight. Ask them questions about their favorite things in the area and then edit.
5. Enhance your listing presentation
Include a page in your listing that highlights the local knowledge of the buyer’s area to show your local knowledge. This information should be part of your marketing strategy. What are you going show potential buyers to make your listing as appealing as possible?
6. Become your clients’ unofficial local tour guide
Organise a tour of the most interesting neighborhoods and attractions in your area. It can be done with a small group of clients once a year.
7. Give your tours a twist
You can choose a theme (wineries or bookstores, restaurants) and make a series of stops for your clients where they can sample and shop. For a seamless experience, coordinate with vendors in advance.
8. Get philanthropic
Host a fundraiser at your home for a local charity! A silent auction is a great way for more people to get involved and raise funds for a good cause.
9. Make a neighborhood guide
Create a printed neighborhood guide piece for potential buyers at your open house. It should be concise and visually appealing. It can be sold.
10. Personalize it
Whatever your passion, find a way for your community to share it through a fun event. Collect artists to create an art show; collaborate with surfboard shapers to showcase beautiful boards; host a wine and chocolate pairing event at your home; organize an adoption party for the animal shelter.
11. Get started studying!
Do your research and be prepared with facts. You can present yourself as a local expert, whether you are chatting with strangers, showing a house, or networking with other agents. They will be impressed and interested, which can help you plant a seed for your future business.
12. Do not overlook local nonprofits
Locally, get involved in your favorite cause by taking on leadership or supporting roles. Is there a nonprofit or organization that could benefit from your expertise? You could help with volunteer recruitment, writing a monthly newsletter for a nonprofit, or as an advisory board member. It’s not only the right thing, but it allows you to meet other local leaders.
Maximizing your local knowledge can help you position yourself as an expert in your area and maximize your business. Clients want to know the nuances of a particular area. If you have that knowledge, share it strategically and get valuable leads that will help your business grow.
Rainy Hake Austin is the president of The Agency.