Are Grandparents moving closer to their Grandkids?

Many people chose to distance themselves from their loved one’s during the pandemic for health reasons. Grandparents were warned to keep away from their grandchildren, especially when schools began to open. It was risky for grandparents to visit their grandchildren, who could have been sick from school. Now that the pandemic is over, many grandparents are eager to be with their grandchildren to make up lost time. Grandparents are moving to be near loved onesAccording to recent data from the National Association of Realtors, people between the age of 55 and 74 move farther (more 100 miles) than anyone else. It is logical to assume that some of those who move the farthest are grandparents. The same report by NAR shows that the number one reason people move is so they can be closer to their loved ones (see graph). Based on these data, it’s safe to say that many grandparents are able to spend more time with their grandchildren because they moved to be nearer to them. After experiencing loneliness and isolation during the COVID epidemic, this is a good thing. If you’re a grandmother, you know just how important your grandchildren can be. You may even be willing to move or sell your home to be nearer to them. Vance Cariaga explains that grandchildren are a powerful influence on lifestyle and financial decisions. Recent data shows that baby boomers are moving farther away from their homes to be closer to their grandchildren. Maybe you can relate if you have your own grandchildren. Connect with a local realtor when you decide to move closer to your family.

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