BHGRE Rainbow Island Properties joins the Better Homes network

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC, (BHGRE), announced Monday its affiliation to BHGRE Rainbow Island Properties. This firm is located in the Hanalei District on the island Kauai, Hawaii.
According to a statement by BHGRE, the firm launched the full-service company. Agents will have access to technology resources, business-building tools, lead generation, and professional development through its platform, Be Better University.
BHGRE Rainbow Island Properties is managed by Tim Ross and Joyce Wright Funk who have more than three decades of combined experience.
Sherry Chris, CEO of BHGRE, stated that the brokerage will no doubt use these tools to establish a strong foothold in Hawaii’s real estate market.
According to the statement, Ross and Funk will be able to access BHGRE’s luxury program Distinctive Collection with marketing resources “to enhance client experience.”
Funk stated in a prepared statement that Funk opened a business in the most scenic part of the country because he was attracted to the appeal of beautiful properties and homes.
Ross is a California native who moved to Hawaii four year ago. Ross was a realtor and broker at Keller Williams Kauai before he joined BHGRE.
Funk was raised in Beverly Hills, and she followed the footsteps of her grandfather and father in the real-estate business. In 2007, she moved to Hawaii.
Funk is now the first Black female owner of BHGRE. Funk was previously a realtor at Elite Pacific Properties, and was licensed in California in 1989.
Funk stated, “Being a leading brand in real estate lifestyle will be our calling card to grow the business here on Kauai, working alongside the entire continuum from first-time homebuyers to high-net worth clients.”
According to the statement, Kauai is “one the most idyllic places in the country to live”. It also boasts many tourist attractions such as the Kalalau Trail and Na Pali Coast, as well the Waimea Canyon State Park.
BHGRE is a subsidiary to Anywhere Real Estate Inc. and has an estimated 12,440 independent sales associates as well as about 420 offices in the U.S. and Canada. These offices serve homebuyers and sellers from these countries.