Cloze CRM launched by Brown Harris Stevens and Cloze CRM partners with Stevens.

New York-based brokerage Brown Harris Stevens partnered with Cloze, an AI based real estate intelligence provider, in order to roll out Cloze CRM as part its BHSOne initiative. Cloze’s technology is a combination of a template library and automated processes, as well as AI-generated insights, to create customized content for real agents.
Chris Reyes, chief technology officer at BHS, stated that the goal was to make agents and managers more efficient in communicating and help them keep track of tasks while managing multiple deals.
Agents now have access to features such as a DIY design studio, an interface, and a library with region-specific documents through this partnership. The CRM highlights special occasions and makes suggestions for agents on how to reach out to previous clients.
The system also “bubbles up”, reminding agents that certain contacts may benefit from their outreach. It also collects information from agent communications and flags any necessary actions.
Holly Smith, a Palm Beach agent, said that AI reminds you every morning who you need follow up with, logs and attaches all emails to contacts, and even writes emails for your account with AI.
Cloze partnered with BHS because of its ease of use in creating accounts, logins, and onboarding. Matthew Leone, chief marketing officer, stated that Cloze also has access to mobile applications functionality and the AI integration.
Leone stated, “We’ve seen it [AI] as a virtual assistant suggest proper prospecting steps to all their spheres of influence leading towards a higher engagement rate.”
According to the company, Cloze was used by BHS’ marketing team to increase its 10-20% engagement rates to 80-100%. It delivered customized content to more then 2,500 agents.
Cloze AI Insights was launched by Cloze last October. This allows brokerages to gain insights from unstructured data and increase their profitability. The product features include mortgage capture to identify when a customer is looking for a mortgage quote.