Florida brokerage invests in proprietary tech for expansion

Florida-based Mainframe Real Estate has created a self-funded technology platform with no investors or loans. Now it is ready to license the platform to other real estate companies.
“We were able to grow it slowly as we had more agents and add more features over the time,” says Sean Frank, CEO and Founder. “We didn’t have the same problem as big companies trying to create a huge platform. We started slow and small to make it more granular and provide feedback to agents.
To help propel its technology, the company will be seeking partnerships. These partnerships will position the technology for sale in the future. Mainframe has committed to contributing a portion of the proceeds to the agents when the tech is sold.
Next-generation software
Mainframe’s proprietary software ABE is currently being rebuilt to improve its speed, efficiency and feature set.
The new version ABE builds on the functionality and features of the existing system and includes:
Customers and agents can create advanced property searches, share them with others, receive automatic listing updates, save financing details, and more.
A library for signing and accessing documents through ABE’s custom electronic sign platform allows secure access to documents for transactions.
Market trends for consumer searches. Educate consumers about market conditions for their search criteria.
Agent-branded websites for agents: The Mainframe Real Estate website is now an agent-branded site for each agent at the company. This website provides consumers with a wealth of features and tools.

Frank says, “As our tech projects began to unfold last year we realized that we were creating one the best platforms industry has ever seen.” “But, as an independent brokerage we realized that the tech needed a bigger platform. This is why we are now positioning it to sell. I am confident that our software will be highly sought-after as we continue to develop it and demonstrate it.