8 ways agents can manage their time more effectively in 2023

A healthy dose of self-motivation is essential to be a successful realty agent. It can be difficult to manage your time, especially when you are just starting out. Although there is a lot to choose from in the market in 2023, with dedication and determination, you can start to stand out from other agents in your area.
Here are 8 ways real estate agents can improve time management in order to increase their sales and be more successful.
1. Practice healthy habits
Your schedule as a real estate agent can be unpredictable. It is easy to become stressed when you have to rush between appointments or work late and rise early. To ensure that you are well-rested and able to focus on your daily tasks, it is important to take care of your health.
If you are tired, stressed, and your health is in poor shape, you will make mistakes and not be the best version of you. As a result, your performance may suffer.
Establish a consistent bedtime and keep it up. Getting enough sleep can help you get the best out of your day.
2. Make a block schedule
It may seem impossible to create any kind of schedule when you have a chaotic daily calendar. A block schedule can be very useful for those with irregular working hours.
To get started, plan out your day so you can complete any personal tasks or work tasks. You can block out this time in your calendar and you don’t have to worry if your schedule changes from day-to-day.
You must make time for yourself so that you can take a break, organize your home, and still be productive.
3. Learn how to master your morning routine
No matter how chaotic your real estate agent life is, a routine can help you get your day started on the right foot. It doesn’t need to be complicated. However, it should help you get up in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, and prepare for the day ahead.
This could be a simple meditation, a walk around the block, or a quick smoothie or meal prep. You can then plan the rest of your day by making sure you have enough time for all your tasks and rescheduling any that don’t fit into your schedule.
Make sure you review any home viewings or meetings with potential buyers or sellers that you have that day. This is especially important if you work remotely and it signals to your body that it is time to get in work mode.
4. Set goals every day
You should set goals when planning your day. What are your goals for the day? This could be as simple as reaching out and contacting a few clients. Other days, it could mean completing specific real estate contracts or showing a certain amount of homes.
Before you start your day, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. This will help you stay on task and focused.
5. Work smarter
You don’t need to manage every aspect of your real estate company on your own. You can hire an assistant, use to stay organised, or find freelance help through sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can stay on top of the latest trends and offer your clients the best service by using the right tools and real estate websites.
Find out what tasks you are most passionate about, or the ones that take you the longest. Then look for smart ways to outsource these tasks so you can spend your time doing the right things and grow your real estate company.
6. You can rely on other real-estate professionals
Even if your work is solely self-employed, it’s worth networking with other agents and brokers in your local area. Sometimes it might be a good idea to partner with another agent, or work for a broker to access resources you might not have.
Talking to other agents, or even hiring a mentor, can help you gain crucial tips and tricks that will increase your productivity throughout the day while also increasing your sales.
7. Limit your screen time
Although most real estate agents work online these days, it is easy to spend too much time on your smartphone or laptop. Automate social media posts by scheduling them ahead of time. You can choose a time of the day to answer emails so that you don’t get distracted scrolling endlessly throughout the day.
You will need to be online to answer calls and text messages. However, try to limit the time you spend online. It could become a time-waster that you don’t realize.
8. Prioritize your tasks
It can feel overwhelming to be an agent. You can start by defining your responsibilities and categorizing them as urgent or not. You can reschedule or delegate tasks that are not urgent. Sometimes, it might be that they aren’t particularly important and can be skipped.
You should be focusing on the most urgent tasks of the day. Schedule the tasks that aren’t urgent so you can complete them in a more efficient time.
The bottom line
Being a real estate agent is a rewarding job. You can set your own hours and be your boss. Maximize your time so you can work smarter and not harder. You will also be able to stay more organized and relaxed, which will allow you to make more commission.