Howard Hanna launches United Purpose Mortgage, a community-based lender

Howard Hanna Financial Services aims to make homeownership more affordable for those living in underserved areas. The firm announced Tuesday the launch of United Purpose Mortgage (UPM), a community-based mortgage company.
F. Duffy Hanna of Howard Hanna Financial Services said that “this is a huge deal” “UPM has such a significant mission, and we’re committed investing in communities that were historically left out of the mortgage industry,” said F. Duffy Hanna, president of Howard Hanna Financial Services.
LaMarcus Thurman will lead the firm, who is currently vice president of community lending at Howard Hanna Financial Services. UPM currently operates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Cleveland. However, the firm claims it wants to expand its operations across the Howard Hanna brokerage footprint.
Thurman said, “It’s an honor to help people achieve the dream of owning a house.” “Buying a home can be one of the best ways to build wealth. Our team at UPM is working hard for more families to make that happen.”
The firm hopes to make a positive impact on local communities by creating outreach programs and working with local non-profits, housing finance agencies, and local non-profits to offer financial education opportunities to minorities, multicultural, and underserved homebuyers.
According to the release, UPM also stated that it will partner with local churches to host workshops on homeownership and credit, economic awareness, and affordable loan opportunities.
Hanna stated that the wealth gap in America is increasing and that she was committed to making homeownership more affordable.