Listings are best when visibility is more important than ability

The homebuying process does not work the same way as Instacart and probably will never be, even for top-producing real estate agents. Jared James, a real estate coach, grew up in the industry and worked hard to be one of the top agents in the country. He then opened his coaching business.
James has spent decades in the industry and is now sharing his knowledge with other agents. He has the knowledge that agents need to win listings in today’s market. And unlike Instacart buying groceries, winning listings requires consistency and boots-on-the ground work.
James used a few strategies every day before he started his coaching business. He relied on the newspaper and the telephone book for his daily bread. He coaches agents today on how to implement other strategies every day to achieve success.
These are his top tips for getting listings on today’s market.
Visibility is more important than ability.
“It is a fact that being an option is always better than being the best. Our job in realty is to allow people to get to know us so that they can ‘no’ us. James says that you have to give yourself the chance.”
Be a content creator guru.
James says that agents don’t give themselves the best chance to make a first impression. Many agents aren’t online to make that first impression.
“But now, when you meet someone for the first-time, and it’s their first impression with them,” says James. James says they’ve been watching you online. James states that agents need to “get in front of the audience” because they aren’t giving sellers and buyers the chance to see them. Agents must be visible online, as visibility is more important than ability.
Past clients are not the same thing.
“Every CRM has a category that allows you to view past clients.” James says that a past client is not possible. James says that only active clients are available. Anyone actively looking to buy/sell is an active client. Prospective clients are any person you are actively prospecting with. James advises that you keep in touch with them.
James continued to state that agents are missing a large part of the business due to their inability to understand how to deal with repeat clients and refer business.
Consistency is unbreakable
“Everything works if done enough. He says that most agents struggle with inconsistency. They don’t have to be able to use too many tactics, or that they are using old tactics. Their problem is in trying to do too many things and not seeing the end of them. James says they need consistency.
We are in a buyers market.
“We aren’t in a bad marketplace. The December numbers were down 1.5%. This means that we are just 1.5% away of the greatest market in history. This sounds like the second-greatest global market. We are returning to pre-COVID-19 market. James says it all comes down to perspective.
James said, “Yes, you won’t get the same price as last year, but you won’t pay the same price.” Sellers fear uncertainty. If you price correctly, there will be a lot of buyers right now. There are many buyers.