Logan Mohtashami will speak at Gathering of Eagles 2023

Logan Mohtashami is the lead analyst at HW Media and will be giving an update on the state of the economy and housing. Mohtashami’s presentation will be on Tuesday, June 20, at 2:20 pm.
Mohtashami’s unique modeling is crucial for any leader who wants to make business plans in 2023. His chart-making skills will provide attendees with all the information they need about inventory, pricing, mortgage rates, and other details. The data will reflect local trends and national trends.
All housing leaders must have data to back their decisions. The housing market is full of data insights. It takes someone to simplify the complex to make numbers work. Mohtashami’s Housing Market Update will make the data easy to understand, so your team can make informed decisions.
Mohtashami was first known as the “chart guy” via Twitter, where he posts and discusses both the economy and the housing sector. HW Media’s forecasts focus on all things housing including red flags in the housing market. He was able to pull all six out in 2022.
Mohtashami was a senior loan manager at AMC Lending Group before he joined HW Media. He has been a frequent speaker on podcasts and live performances, including CNBC, NPR, and industry conferences across the nation.
Click here to register for Gathering of Eagles 2023. Don’t forget to reserve your place at the Omni Barton creek by May 16! This conference is a must-attend event for real estate executives, senior leaders, broker-owners, and brokers. Mohtashami, along with other leaders in the housing industry like Mike Staver and Mat Ishbia, will be on stage.