Peter Luft will speak at DealMakers, June 18

Brokers and business leaders need to keep an eye out for expansion, even in a changing market. With the right guidance, expanding your business via M&A or franchising can be possible. Peter Luft has the experience and knowledge to guide brokers and their teams.
Luft is vice president of franchise sales & acquisitions at RE/MAX. He will be speaking at DealMakers during the “Prospecting: How can you find and develop M&A candidate candidates” session on June 18. Luft is a lifelong professional in real estate and has been with RE/MAX since 1990. He rose from his position as franchise sales manager to his current role as vice president, touching almost every aspect of the business.
Luft enjoys running marathons in his spare time. Luft knows that building business relationships is a 26 mile project and not a sprint. Luft will bring all his acquisition and sales knowledge to the table. Luft will be discussing business relationships that lead to successful mergers or acquisitions with fellow masters of deal.
DealMakers is an information-packed, one-day-only event that answers the most pressing M&A questions of brokerage leaders. VIP tickets are required to gain full access to the conference, including DealMakers. Luft will be joined by Scott Wright and Steve Murray, RealTrends consultants. They will discuss details of M&A, including valuation, prospecting, and brokerage growth.

Gathering of Eagles

Gathering of Eagles 2023 is coming!

DealMakers offers a stellar selection of speakers that you shouldn’t miss

Mike Staver was announced as Gathering of Eagles keynote speaker

Click here to register for Gathering of Eagles 2023. Don’t forget to reserve your place at the Omni Barton creek by May 16! This conference is a must-attend event for real estate executives, senior leaders, as well as broker-owners. DealMakers is on June 18th. Don’t miss any of the keynotes and panels in the following days, including those featuring housing industry leaders such as Nick Bailey and Mike Staver.