Riding out the storm: The Mortgage Industry prepares for 2023

The mortgage industry enters 2019 with questions about the future after a turbulent 2022. Industry experts predict that the market will be challenging for the majority of the year. This could lead to lower profits and more job losses. The industry experts who work with mortgage companies and businesses that deal with them seem to view 2023 as a time for weathering the storm rather than making big plans. However, this doesn’t mean that the industry isn’t looking ahead. The way business operates today is changing, and mortgage companies are aware of the need to keep up. This means that smart investments are essential regardless of market conditions. With home sales slowing, many professionals working in housing and mortgage industries also see opportunities in affordable housing initiatives.This study from Arizent, parent company of National Mortgage News, explores what mortgage industry professionals see coming in 2023 on topics, such as the economy, technology, policy and competitors.Key findings include:Macroeconomic headwinds are weighing on mortgage companies, leading many of their leaders to expect business contraction. Some still see potential for growth. Technology company leaders are more likely to expect business contraction despite industry headwinds.