The Great Resignation is causing employers to scramble for solutions.

The Great Resignation has affected every industry and every level of an organization. Employers are left scrambling for new roles while their existing employees are supported and engaged. This report examines the impact of the Great Resignation on employers in the banking, mortgage, insurance, and wealth management sectors. It also identifies the reasons behind the greatest loss of talent and the most likely ways that employers can attract and retain the best talent. This report contains key findings such as:Why no one company is immune to the Great Receipt and which types of jobs are most affectedHow flexible and remote work can play a role in attracting, retaining and changing the hiring and retention of employeesWhat HR and people leaders should expect in the futureWhy are almost all employers struggling to retain and recruit new talent? This report reveals the top challenges facing employers and the policies, benefits, and attitudes that could change the tide for businesses moving forward. Businesses can look forward.