Zillow is offering a new way to sell your home with Opendoor

According to a Wednesday announcement, Zillow now offers home sellers in selected markets a new selling option to maximize its partnership with Opendoor.
People looking to sell their Raleigh or Atlanta homes can now request both an Opendoor cash offer and an estimate of the sale price by listing their home with a Zillow Premier Agent.
“A Zillow survey revealed that nearly a third of Americans were shocked by the emotional toll of selling a home,” Matt Daimler (Zillow’s senior vice-president of product), said in a statement. We want to make it easier for sellers by offering them all of their home-selling options in one location. Customers can now get both an Opendoor cash offer and a market price estimate to sell on Zillow’s open market. They can then decide what works best for them.
Zillow says customers have the option to explore their selling options on their own or work with one its licensed advisors. After a seller has chosen their selling path, they can use Zillow’s other real-estate services such as financing their home purchase with Zillow Home Loans and closing with Zillow Closing Services. They can also work with a Zillow Premier agent to purchase their new home.
Brian Tolkin (Opendoor vice president of product), stated that while selling a home can be stressful for many people and involve many unknowns, the process of selling to Opendoor is straightforward, certain, and within the homeowner’s time frame. Opendoor is now available on Zillow so consumers can explore all of their selling options and pick the one that best suits their needs.
According to the firms, the new product experience will be available in other markets in the next few months.
Opendoor and Zillow announced a multi-year partnership in August 2022.
“We know customers want to make the right choice and they can make the best decisions when they see all of the selling options up front — including selling openly with a Zillow Premier Agent partner, and getting a cash offer by Opendoor,” Jeremy Wacksman (Zillow’s chief operating officer) said in a statement. “This exclusive partnership will combine Zillow’s brand power and Opendoor’s selling solution in a single place so customers can evaluate their options and package it with other Zillow services to purchase and finance their next home.”
Zillow will announce its Q4 2022 earnings and full-year 2022 earnings Wednesday evening.