Jenni Barnett will speak at Gathering of Eagles 2023

Real estate businesses in difficult markets need to reduce operating costs. Some leaders find it overwhelming to manage a company’s budget when they consider layoffs, investments in technology, cost-cutting strategies, and saving for the future.
Jenni Barnett, Parks-Village Real Estate’s chief financial officer and chief operational officer, is Jenni Barnett. She will be addressing Gathering of Eagles in the session “A Fresh Look at Operating costs” on June 19.
Barnett is a veteran in the industry with extensive experience managing large financial growth. Barnett began her tenure at Parks-Village Real Estate back in 2000. Barnett was the leader of the Parks-Village Real Estate education programs in 2020. Barnett also expanded the service lines and brands of the largest residential realty firm in Tennessee.
Barnett’s extensive experience helped the company navigate several mergers and acquisitions. In 2013, she was named Nashville Business Journal’s “chief finance officer of the year”, and in 2021, she was an honoree. Barnett has a wealth of experience and understands the importance to reduce operating costs, maximize returns, and maintain a company’s financial health better than anyone.
Barnett will be joined by Rory Blossman, Latter & Blum’s chief financial officers, and Phil Price, Smith & Associates Real Estate’s chief financial officers, at this session.
This session will provide attendees with the tips and tricks that top finance leaders and operations managers use to reduce operating costs. Barnett and her peers will show how real estate professionals can increase their margins without compromising essential business functions.

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